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The Gift

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Remember my friend Reba?  About a year ago I wrote about her here .  Anyway, Reba and I have remained friends and she's even given me a few things to sell at the shop.  Saturday I got a message from her saying that she wanted me to have this gorgeous vanity that I have been admiring since I've known her! 

 She told me she knew how much I loved it and she wouldn't accept any money for it but she wanted me to have it.  This is the kind of person she is.  (I think this picture is so bad because the light is behind the piece.)  Anyway, I fell in love with this vanity because of it's clean lines, brass hardware and beautiful wood grain.  It's walnut.  Here are some better photos.

This piece won't be painted.  I couldn't cover up that gorgeous wood!  Instead, I'll just finish sanding it and apply a few coats of polyurethane.  

"But Kim", you ask, "where are you going to put that gorgeous piece of furniture?"

Well, I just happen to have this tiny little alcove that separates my master bedroom from the master bath.

(Shelby impersonating the vanity)  - This child loves a camera!

And once again we have the beginnings of a project!  Let's call this one "Project Kim's Dressing Area".   More thoughts on this to come...  Wanna jump in?

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