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Sunday, May 22, 2011

I can't believe it's been a year since I decided to open my booth and I'm very happy I took the plunge.   The extra money has been great and it feeds my creative side, too.  Oh, and then there are the perks - you get to keep your favorite new finds for yourself and you have a way to sell the things you no longer want.  There are also those treasures you hang onto because they are so fabulous that you're sure you'll use them "someday when you redo __________ ."(insert room of your choice here)

Here are a few of my secretly stashed items.  

Oh how I love this faux bamboo mirror.  But I think I will be able to part with this one - (it's a bitch to clean)

I have about a dozen more mirrors - these were the easiest to get to. And then there are the chairs...

I'd love to redo this chair in this fabric

Already bought fabric for this one (and others - but that's a whole different post)

I was so excited to find a pair of these charming Bentwood stools.  I was sure they would work in my kitchen at the island but they're bar height, and I need counter height.  They looked shorter in the store.  Bummer.

I love the geometric mat on these Chinoiserie prints.

These prints are like small doses of DeGournay - and probably as close as I'll get : )

Just when you thought we were done with mirrors. This one's a keeper.  I'll use it for Project Kim's Dressing Area.

We could go on forever with the lamp edition.  I have a pair of these incredible turquoise glass and brass lamps.  

I also have a pair of these very faded amber glass and brass lamps that I'm keeping in the personal stash.  The color is pretty bad right now, but I have friends who can fix that...

Is there a cure?

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