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Selling this Vintage Pagoda Chandelier

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

You may or may not know from reading this blog that for years the husband and I made a living restoring and selling historic homes.  Since the housing market crash put a stop to that, I find myself with a sizable stash of cool vintage lighting that I had been hoarding for upcoming projects and also because I really like them!  It's time to clean out the closets (and basement) and offer my favorite fixtures to my favorite blog readers (this means you!) And really, these adorable fixtures should be proudly hanging in someone's home rather than stuffed in a cardboard box in my basement on top of a dead cat.  Where's the fun in that?

Today's offering is a personal favorite.  Since I'm fully entrenched in my "all things Chinoiserie" (you too?)  period, it hurts a little to part with it but I feel it's for the greater good. 

Charming vintage Chinoiserie Pagoda chandelier - $395.  (Update: Sale is pending )   It has 6 arms and sports its original white paint finish, nicks and all.  Head over to Lowe's or Home Depot and pick yourself up one of these for about 3 bucks.

and save yourself about $1347!

It even has the original canopy that attaches to the ceiling

And now, enjoy how cool it could look in your own place!

  Shipping will be in the $25-ish range - I don't have the same connections as Overstock.  And for some reason, the USPS and UPS charge more for a big box that is not heavy.  

Email inquiries to thegreenroominteriors@gmail.com  First come, first served.

Need some help pulling your style together?  The Green Room Interiors can make your home a beautiful place to be!  Call Kim Lemmon at 423.653.3186 or email the greenroominteriors@gmail.com

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