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Estate Sale Weekend

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Break out your fanny pack and stuff it with wads of cash - we're going Estate Sale-ing this weekend!  First, a few tips on the art of shopping estate sales.
1.  Go early for the best selection.  Honestly, I've been to some estate sales where there was a long line waiting just to get in the door! There are professional buyers that go to these events looking for deals and the best of the best goes fast!
2.  Here's contradiction - go late for the best deals.  Sunday is usually half-price day.  I went to an Estate sale a few weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon and they had some beautiful French end tables and a great looking French bed for super-cheap.  But I couldn't buy them - which leads me to tip #3.
3. Have a vehicle with you that's big enough to get your stuff home.  Yep, I had to miss out on that furniture because it wouldn't fit in my car and the husband and his truck were out of town.  You usually have to pick up your items on that day or the following Monday, when the Estate sale company is clearing away the unsold items.
4.  Bring your tape measure, especially if you're looking for a piece that will go in a pre-determined location.  By the time you go home to measure or you try to find someone to measure for you, it could be gone, and you would have sad-face the rest of the weekend or longer, depending on the state of your emotional health.

Now on to the shopping!
A very nice Drexel server.  Paint it or use as is.  Here's how we'll use it

A better look at the go-anywhere gold mirror

Drexel dining set includes 6 mahogany chairs.  Great, clean lines on the table, too!

If you love French furniture, this is your estate sale

I'm intrigued with the lamps

A few ethnic goodies

See you there?

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