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Faux Distressed or Slick & Glossy?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Folks around these parts are ga-ga over painted furniture with that "distressed" look.  It seems that the magic formula is a flat painted finish with the edges sanded and a few nicks and scratches thrown in for good measure.

I have to admit that the distressed finished is not my favorite way to reinvent a vintage piece, but I'm not above a little sanding and nicking if that is what the buyers are looking for.

In most cases, and certainly for my own home, I prefer to finish my vintage pieces in a shiny, high-gloss finish.

which I'm sure has the distressed furniture fans shaking their heads.

So, do you have a preference for how you finish a vintage furniture piece?  Or do you think it depends on the mood of the room and the style of the piece?  


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