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Weeds in a Vase

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Here in the Southeastern United States we have a very prolific weedy shrub that grows everywhere known as Chinese Privet.  Because it invades and chokes out native vegetation, it's known as a nuisance plant.

Here is a healthy stand of Chinese privet in all of its glory in my back yard.  Right now, each plant is producing hundreds of black seeds that will turn into even more Chinese Privet.

After taking another look at the plant, I began to appreciate its arching stems and loads of black berries (even though they appear purplish blue in this image).  So I decided to make lemonade from lemons.  I snapped off a few big branches and brought them into my house to add some height and softness.
Before I brought them inside, I decided to strip away the black berries.  I was afraid as they started to drop they might stain my new carpet.  If I had hardwood or tile flooring in here , I would have left the black berries in place.  

Don't you love finding beauty in unexpected places?

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