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Gorgeous Fabric Find and Thoughts on my Dining Room

Thursday, April 12, 2012

What's a girl to do when a gorgeous fabric finds you and you're not even on the hunt?  Last week I was at Perimeter Fabrics looking for the perfect fabric for my Billy Baldwin slipper chairs when I spotted this little number at the back of the store.

Naturally I was intrigued because I'd never seen this pattern before and the print was big and bold!

Next I looked at the selvage to see who the maker was and all I could find was this

which really didn't mean much to me, except that maybe it was a fabric that was printed in  '81?  What I did get excited about was the price tag, which read: Closeout: $4/yd.  Could this be true? I asked the store owner about it and she said "Yes, that's a closeout fabric, so it's $2/yd." Meanwhile, inside my head, this was going on:  !!!!!!!!***!#@$!

So I bought 4 yards thinking I'd cover my dining room seat cushions with them.  Over the Easter weekend, I realized that seat cushions wouldn't be the best use of this fabric.  The print is so big and bold it would be a shame not to see it in all of its enormous glory.  It needs to be covering upholstered host/hostess chairs.  

But wait, 4 yards wouldn't be enough to cover upholstered host chairs.  So first thing Monday I drove myself down there and bought the rest of the roll. At $2/yd. 

And look how perfectly it will work with my Overstock curtains!

Now, what to do with the other chairs?

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