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Sunday, August 12, 2012

...if you think I should put an awning on my house.  Most of the exterior work is done at Project Dollhouse and I'm pretty happy with the progress we've made.  Unfortunately, I've never been one to be satisfied with just "pretty happy."  I think an awning over the front door could be just what my little house needs to give it some depth and interest.  Here is the least attractive angle of the front entry. I think the Dollhouse is embarrassed by this unflattering, driver's license-esque photo. I took it at dusk with my phone.

 I like the awnings below for my house because the curved shape mirrors the arches over my big windows. 
Source: google.com via Tara on Pinterest

Pretty, right? And I like the white piping.   What do you think about stripes (not necessarily those colors).

Source: google.com via Leah on Pinterest

I love the combination below,  but do you think the curtains would be too much?

Maybe not!  After all, look how well it worked for the Novagratz'.

And finally, feast your eyes on this awnings/curtains situation.  So cute! And quite similar to the Dollhouse - they could be cousins.

Lots of options here - which one do you like best for the Dollhouse?

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