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Weekend Victories

Sunday, October 14, 2012

How was your weekend?  I actually got some things done that have been on the back burner for quite a while and even squeezed in a little shopping! 

First up, the thrill of victory!  I finished this antique dresser and plan to bring it over to my booth this week.
For those of you who are wondering, the paint I used is Rustoleum's Oil Based High Gloss in Royal Blue.  Right out of the can.  I'm kind of excited about how it turned out. The original finish on this piece was pretty shot, but the lines were fantastic. Once again, paint is the hero!

I also picked up a small herd of brass deer for my booth.

I have high hopes for them this holiday season.  They would be perfect for holiday tablescapes , on the mantel, or even on a coffee table. 

Oh, and along the thread of the upcoming holidays, I found a set of vintage mint green ornaments.  I think I'm doing green and gold on my tree this year.  Not the 70's kind. 

Speaking of the 70's kind, what do you think of these glasses? I got a set of 6 for my booth, and I think they would be perfect for styling up the bar.

And the headliner:

Teenager pried off of sofa to wash the car - for the very first time.  Some of us found it more amusing than others. 

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