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The Good Kind of Shopping

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hello and happy Monday!  How was your Thanksgiving?  Mine was delicious (thanks Mom!) and I'm happy to say that my now slightly larger backside did not stand in any of those awful Black Friday lines.  I will never understand the excitement some people seem to get from that tradition. That being said, I did manage to make it to a few Antique Malls and actually found some lovely things.  

Like this sweet floral chair.  

It has a great shape -  and that peach and gray floral fabric? It reminds me of my own peach and gray wedding ages ago.

Who doesn't love a gold faux bamboo table?  
Alex Papachristidis hasn't met one he doesn't like (and I say that in the best possible way).

This pair of interracial concrete greyhounds would be wonderful flanking a fireplace (or my front doors).
I'd love to have these, with a side of Zimba.

I haven't personally jumped on this bandwagon, but these lockers look great in orange.
And could be very practical in an office.

That concludes the stuff I didn't buy portion of my little shopping excursion. I'd love to know what you bought over the weekend. And more importantly, are you out of your "yoga" pants yet?

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