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Thoughts on Christmas Doors

Monday, December 3, 2012

Have you started decking your halls yet?  We're only a few days into December and I already feel behind.  I think my neighbors starting putting up their Christmas decorations right after Halloween,  yet the Dollhouse exterior is completely void of holiday embellishment!

I normally don't do a lot of holiday decorations outside, but I do like to dress up my front doors.  Here are a few options that caught my eye.

These church doors are so close in color to my own freshly painted coral front doors..  Even though the royal blue ribbon isn't a traditional holiday color, I think it still reads "Christmas".

Isn't this what the Christmas in your head looks like?  I love the placement of everything here. A wreath on each door works for me and I love the pine cone accented swag above the doors.  The only thing I would add are some small potted trees on both sides of the doors.
From Martha Stewart.  
First can we just talk about that door?  It's everything.  And I do like the whole vertically stacked wreaths they have going on with monochrome ribbon.  Side note: I've also seen lanterns filled with white Christmas tree lights and it's very cute.

Another Martha Stewart styled door.  Green and white is always so fresh.  I love the little trees in the white urns.  This entire look is a winner.

. If I'm not mistaken I think this image comes from a Pottery Barn catalog.  Here's what I like:  the big silver ornaments and the bare branch swag above the entrance.  The rest of it feels overdone to me. 

Source: bhg.com via Lindsay on Pinterest

What I love most about this image is the color of that door.  It's the perfect shade of green! And the weathered black urns with rosemary trees?- yes!  But the red floral decorations? - not so much.  They feel a little uptight to me.

Yeah, this will not be happening. 

So among other things, I have thoughts of Christmas doors on my mind today. Feel free to jump in with your suggestions.  How is your Christmas decor coming along?

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