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Wrapped Up

Thursday, December 20, 2012

All done with your shopping?  I'm  not either, but hopefully by the end of this rainy day I'll have gifts for everyone on my list and then I'll take on the challenge of wrapping them up. I have to admit I'm not feeling so great about my gift presentation with the Big Lots paper and pre-made stick on bows I picked up last week - especially after seeing how Martha does it.

Looks like Martha had a little insider info about the whole Emerald Green color selection. I like the color block wrapping.

Isn't she clever? She made a big,  pretty bow from her wrapping paper scraps.

And of course, hand made tags for everyone.

As much as I admire Martha's commitment to gorgeous packaging, lots of folks (me included) find that it takes too much time to make this type of gift wrapping magic happen in our busy lives.  She gets points off for that.

Over on Pinterest, there are lots of great gift wrapping ideas, and some of them look pretty easy.
So simple, so pretty, and even a little glam. This one gets high marks. I don't know where those little gold discs were found, but you could create this look with freezer paper and a gold paint pen.

Super cute.  Also fairly confident I could do this myself.

This also meets my cute/easy requirements, although it gets a few points off because finding the vintage bulbs could be challenging.

Totally do-able - even for the craft-challenged (me)

This one looks easy, provided you have whatever bush produces these pretty red berries nearby. I will have to take a few practicality points off if you're cramming it into the trunk along with a dozen other gifts for a 2-hour drive to your family Christmas dinner.

And of course, my favorite option gets high marks because it's so quick and easy
the gift bag (hangs head)

Are you wrapped and ready?

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