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Two Steps Back

Sunday, June 23, 2013

When you walk through the front door of my house, there's a stairway that leads to the only room we have upstairs.  It's a big bedroom with a full bathroom attached and two nice sized closets.

It's prime real estate for teenagers!  And I have 2, so when we moved in to this house, we let the oldest daughter choose her bedroom first.  Naturally she chose the penthouse suite upstairs.

But things have changed - and quickly.  My oldest daughter moved out a month or so ago as she is just finishing up Cosmetology School and has left our little nest. 

Which means the upstairs private bedroom and bathroom is up for grabs, and my 14 year-old is eager to claim this space as her own.  And that's fine, but there's a glitch.  She doesn't like anything girly - particularly the hot pink walls chosen by daughter #1.

And that means this big  room that I painted pink for the oldest daughter now has to be repainted - in white - for the youngest daughter.  And that's not the only project we have going down.  

There is furniture painting involved.  Mostly inherited pieces that are getting freshened up.

And all of this means that the new flooring project I had hoped to to work in our living room, dining room and foyer is moving a little farther down the list.

BUT, there's a silver lining to this musical rooms situation.  I plan to claim the soon to be vacant bedroom on the main level for my office!!!   As soon as the upstairs bedroom gets repainted, the living room and dining room get repainted, and the new flooring gets installed. 

Yeah, that shouldn't take long, right?

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