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Friday, September 27, 2013

Good Friday fine people!!!  I can't believe we're on the threshold of another weekend.  Things have been very busy lately - and that's a good thing - but I didn't want to let the week end without giving you a glimpse into what I've been up to lately.  It's all good stuff!

First, my sweet client's nursery is complete.  And as of this writing, the new arrival should be enjoying the space we created just for him.  Let's hope he's getting some sleep in there.

In other work related news, I delivered this adorable pagoda cornice this week.  
Do you recognize that fabric?  It's the same Lemon Tree fabric I used in my family room makeover as part of the One Room Challenge.  I still love it!

And I survived the Home Show.  Although it could have gone either way.  On move-in day I shattered the lid of one of my favorite white Ginger jars and when I finally got everything loaded my car was completely dead.  It wasn't a pretty scene.  But I got it together and the show went well and I picked up a few new clients. Yay.

So here's what my booth looked like.

Note in the picture above that I still have one of the two ginger jars with the lid intact.

And there has been some shopping.

Paint ?  Leave as is?  Fur cushion?  Many  options to consider.  Feel free to jump in.

And what about this pair of vintage lucite fixtures.  I want to put them somewhere in my house but can't decide where.  Until then they stay in the box.

Office chairs.  Yay! Since hubs and I will be sharing the office space I wanted to get him chairs that are somewhat macho.  Chrome and black leather should work fine.

And I got a pair of Greek key 3 drawer dressers that someone really did a number on.  And when I bought them they were on the sidewalk which happened to be 50% off that day so I got a sweet bargain, which I'm sure I'll end up paying back in sweat equity.  I have no idea what is on those handles but it should be fun (not) trying to remove it.

And that's all I have for now. Thanks so much for checking in with me.  We're supposed to have a beautiful weekend and I'm so excited cooler temperatures and lower humidity have finally arrived!  

Have a wonderful weekend!

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