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ORC Week 2 - Some Progress in the Kitchen

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I think I owe my kitchen an apology after last week's post.  The truth is I love this little kitchen even though it doesn't have fancy pants finishes or high end gadgets. What it does have is a perfectly laid out work triangle, plenty of countertop work space, and lots of potential!  

Remember what my kitchen looked like before we moved in?

Let me bring you up to date on some of the changes we've made so far.

The cabinets have been painted Sherwin Williams Dover White - its a clean, warm white, and we used an oil-based paint for durability. We also replaced the kitchen countertops and I decided to go with butcherblock countertops to add some softness and warmth.  I love lots of white combined with wood, so we replaced our stainless steel sink with white porcelain.  We also changed out the faucet.

After a lengthy search we found an almost counter depth refrigerator that fit the available space perfectly!

And we tiled the backsplash.  White subway tile was selected for its timeless clean look and budget-friendly price.

A very poor quality photo, but we've removed one of the upper cabinets and the ugly wooden valance that was so common in homes of this era.  Note new vintage light fixture above the sink.  It's so sweet and the prismatic shade casts the most wonderful, sparkly light.  In place of the deleted cabinet is more white subway tile, and soon I will have some shelves instead! Something like this.

What else?  Well, I have a small seating area that could  use some love in a large way. Between the nasty wallpaper and the 80's flooring I have 50 shades of blah going on here. Left side of the wall shows the wall repair in progress. 

And speaking of walls, these are crying out for help!! I think a wallpaper intervention is in order. 


That's all I can share for now!  I hope to have my dining table and chairs figured out and ready to share with you next week.  

Let's head on over and see what the other ladies have managed to get done, but meet me back here next week for another progress report!!

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