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Weekend Recap - Atlanta Shopping Finds

Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Monday!  This is a tough one to face - we were all on spring break last week and getting up this rainy Monday wasn't easy!  We had a very productive shopping week, though. We found the perfect prom dress for Alyssa's senior prom and I got some great vintage pieces I'll be bringing over to the shop! I couldn't wait to share these with you - I snapped the photos at Mom's house.

Quite the find!  This is vintage Thomasville.  Geometric Chinoiserie in bamboo - spectacular!

Don't you think its a dead ringer for this chair in this NY apt. by Ashley Whittaker? 

Image via House Beautiful

Italian made brass coffee table base.  It had a plywood top affixed to it when I bought it - I think someone was using it as a bench. . Needs a new glass top and a good cleaning. Have you tried Barkeeper's Friend on brass?  I highly recommend it - you can find it at most grocery stores and Walmart.

Unfortunately, I had to leave this framed Scottish flag at my Mom's place.  It wouldn't fit in my car!  When it does make it home it will live over the sofa in my family room. I think it's the perfect counterpoint to my busy and very traditional Persian rug.

Also got a pair of these big emerald green velvet pillows.

A sweet vintage landscape

And this vintage coffee table.

And Shelby made a few new friends at our visit to the Pet shop.

Have a great start to your week!

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