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A special shade for Lampzilla

Sunday, November 6, 2011

So recently I blogged here about the trend for using oversize lamps.  And, if you recall, I showed you a few of my own oversized lamps.  The biggest of the bunch is this guy I like to call Lampzilla.  He's big and gold and certainly no shrinking violet.

You really don't get a sense of the scale of this thing - trust me, it's huge.

Anyway, just any old lamp shade won't fit a lamp of this size.  Luckily I had purchased a few big shades months ago and as luck would have it, this shade was a perfect fit.

Okay, so it fits, but somehow this shade just isn't, well, enough for Lampzilla. Not only is it crooked, it just doesn't  have enough pizazz to do Lampzilla justice.

Enter this big old ugly shade I've had hanging around for ages.

and, as is true in so many cases, it's paint to the rescue!

Next I broke out the glue gun and added some super special manly ribbon and now Lampzilla has a shade that is tall dark and handsome, just like he is!

Gosh I just love a happy ending!

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