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Opposites Attract

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I just saw this image over at MFAMB and could not stop looking at it. 

 This bedroom is full of contradictions yet it all works together.  Shall we analyze?
1.  The feminine settee vs. the masculine headboard
2.  All of the contrasting textures: the smooth wood floors, rough stone walls, soft fur throw and rug, dainty matelasse quilt, chalky white ceiling
3.  The light and open feel of the stripe on the settee against the dark, dense print on the tablecloth

The elements in this room seem to have little in common, yet when they're combined, well - it's magical!  I think rooms like this are the most engaging spaces, don't you?  Rather than being perfectly coordinated and "decorated", they feel collected, personal and interesting.  And isn't that what a great space is all about?

So tell me what opposites you've combined lately!

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