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The Move - Highs and Lows

Monday, February 13, 2012

The biggest part of our move to Project Dollhouse is over!  Downsizing is not easy.  I have way too much furniture to fit into the available space and some hard choices are being made.  

The  move itself was a bit of a nightmare.  The day we moved the large pieces of furniture it poured rain all day and our new carpet had been installed just the day before.
Luckily the carpet survived pretty well thanks to lots of flattened cardboard boxes we put down in the walkways. And I have to say I'm pretty happy with the carpet itself and my experience with Lowe's.  The carpet is called "Beachwalk" and it's the carpet version of seagrass, only much cushier and minus the smell.

For the most part the house is still a hot mess of moving boxes and random items waiting to be placed somewhere in the house.  

I also got a few made over furniture pieces placed.
This mid-century Stanley Furniture credenza is currently sporting some glossy black paint and now serves as my media cabinet.

Swanky!  I'm working on an arrangement of my recently acquired framed Chinoiserie panels and antlers around this piece. Does that sound like a weird combination? My family room has no fireplace so this wall will serve as one of the room's focal points.

Also, my thrift store campaign dresser got a coat of glossy white paint and it now lives in my(our) bedroom.
Would you believe that dresser took 3 coats of paint and every time I missed that little vertical strip on the top right?  3 times!!!

And, little bits of arranging are going on.

One day a time, people.

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