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Asian Nighstands Makeover

Monday, March 19, 2012

Here's the latest on my master bedroom project.  First, take another look at the inspiration board.

Lots of Asian/Chinois elements combined with some modern textiles and gold accents.

So, on an Atlanta weekend shopping trip a few months ago, I came across these nightstands, which I may or may not have purchased just for the hardware.

 These are homemade chests, solid wood and not the least bit wonky.  Anyway, they each have two deep drawers which can house scads of magazines and other reading material.  So much storage I'm considering granting the husband a portion of one of the drawers :)

I was certain I would repaint them in Chinese red, much like the color of the side tables in my mood board.  I went and bought a quart of Ben Moore's Million Dollar Red - heaven in a can!

Since they were already painted, I gave them a very light sanding, a quick wipedown, and I was ready to paint.

First coat was very splotchy.  If you've ever painted anything red, you already know that multiple coats are required.

Second coat, looking better, but I wasn't loving them in red the way I was loving them in red in my head.  

So, I was faced with a decision.  Should I add a little depth with stain?  Should I just start over and paint the whole thing black?  I actually did want to bring some red in, but this solid red paint was already getting on my nerves, and they hadn't even left the basement yet. 

So, I impulsively decided to paint over the red with some black paint and then sand it to reveal some the red underneath.

Ugh!  Still too much red so I added another coat of black and sanded the edges to reveal just a hint of the red that was underneath.

Good enough Perfect!  Added a coat of Wipe-on Poly for extra durability, re-installed the hardware and called it a day!

Just one more obstacle - have to get hubby to haul them upstairs for me!

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