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Office Nooks

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I've added yet another item on the long list of projects to be completed at Project Dollhouse.  Funny, it seems like for every project that gets scratched off the list there are two more to take its place!  Anyway, we don't have a dedicated office space in the house (other than a dark corner of the basement - not the most inspiring workspace) so I'm looking at options to create a little office nook. So far the most promising prospect seems to be the guest room closet, since we don't have many overnight guests (other than family).
I don't think this will be too hard to pull off.  We'll just have to remove the folding doors, install some shelving - and probably add an electrical outlet .
I love the built-in desk and the swing arm lamp - perfect for task lighting. 

This setup is well thought-out. The work/conference table is positioned just outside of the computer area, and the chair on wheels makes it easy to access both work stations.

Hmm, maybe there's something to be said for leaving the doors in place.  It would be nice to close off a messy work area.

I like the sophisticated look of this tiny office space.  A white lacquer Parson's table is never wrong.

This office tucked into an alcove is nice.  Never underestimate the impact of well placed and beautiful lighting.
Great looking spaces, right? Am I the only one who noticed the absence of office necessities; like a printer, fax, modem, and other computer equipment?

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