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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Did you have a good 4th of July holiday? I hope you did and I appreciate that you're checking in on me after my week away from the blog.  It's been a while since I've posted about my latest shopping finds , and I have some good ones that I'm excited to share with you!  Shall we get to it?

I was so happy to find this rattan headboard for my 13-year old daughter's bedroom.  So Palm Beach, right?  Well, she didn't have the same response to it that I did and within a few hours of placing it behind her bed I found it out in the hallway.  She said it was uncomfortable when she leaned her head against it and declared that having a headboard was too "mainstream".  Did I mention that she's 13?  I've learned to choose my battles so I'm sad to say that this one will be making it's way over to the shop this week.  : (   PS - Somebody buy this and send me a picture like this when you're done.

Luckily, these lamps made the cut for her bedroom.  They're mid-century turquoise and gold ceramic lamps.  There's a pair of them flanking her headboardless bed.  The shape reminds me a little of these Stray Dog beauties.

This painting has two of my favorite things - trees and pink!  This too will make its way to the shop this week.

These green crystals are antique. If you could see them in person you would find that each one is a little different in color and size.  They're perfectly imperfect  - and I like that.

This is just the latest candidate in my long parade of coffee tables.  (For now), it's staying in my family room.

I also got this big hammered brass pot with lion head handles.  I may have bought this just for those lions. 

Now here's something you don't see every day. It's a brass candle sconce in the shape of a cobra.  The detail is pretty impressive. In fact, when my oldest daughter found it on the floor she jumped and squealed a little.  She didn't think that was as funny as I did.  

This may be staying with me if I can find the right spot for it.  Trust me, this isn't a piece you can just work in anywhere.  I'm thinking when my master bathroom gets a little more finished it might be cool between that mirrors that go over the sinks.  

That's all I got for you today!  How about you?  Did you celebrate the holiday with a little retail therapy?

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