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The Fabulous Lamps of Angie Hranowsky

Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's a strange title/topic for a post, I know.  But while pinning some of the the rooms designed by Angie Hranowsky this weekend, I couldn't help but notice that the woman has scouted out some   drop dead gorgeous lamps.  Most of them are vintage (I think) , and they all make a big statement wherever they have been placed.  See for yourself.

Oh, how I love a white lamp with a black shade!  And a coral Parson's table.... and lavender walls...and a brass coffee table...

Another shapely mid-century lamp, this time in yellow. (also quite good)

Do you see that gold lamp against the back wall?  You can't find lamps any better than this. I would have to give this lamp a perfect "10" on the Vintage Lamp-Hog Scale of Fabulousness. And that's saying something.

I'm thinking  those blue lamps on the console table are vintage.  And there's a pair! (Did you know in vintage lamp-hog world, pairs are the most coveted finds?)

Yes, we've all died a thousand deaths over the pink curtains, but  that beautiful teal lamp is stealing the show for me.

And I've saved my favorite for last.  This gold Chinoiserie figure lamp with the black shade has me wanting to jump in the car to scour every thrift shop between here and Palm Beach.

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