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Project Dollhouse Master Bathroom Wallpaper - Final Rose

Monday, August 20, 2012

I'm just about ready to pull the trigger on the wallpaper for my master bathroom, but I wanted to run the selections by you before I place the order.  I've looked at lots of options, and have finally narrowed it down to two!  

Do you remember when I posted about Rose Cumming's Zebrine wallpaper?  It's amazing yet not even close to being in my budget.  Luckily, I happened upon a much more affordable option that looks pretty good.

I also received a sample of this paper months ago from Design Your Walls and I love it, too. It's much more vibrant in person, and definitely more teal than blue.

Some other things you should know:  Although it's the master bathroom, the house was built in 1972, and its pretty tiny as far as master bathrooms go; so even though both papers are bold, they'll be confined to a small area.  Also, we kept the original cultured marble counter tops that look similar to this, only mine have a little gold glitter embedded in the design.

We have also installed this tile from Home Depot on the floor.  It's mostly gray with some veining action.
Also,  the original bathroom cabinets have been given a coat of white paint, and I'll be adding brass ring pulls.  Are you still with me?

Option 1 is the zebra bathroom.  
I know, the mirrors! They're from Bassett.  Art is from Etsy artist Tastesorangey.  Fabric is Malakos Malachite from Dwell Studio, and I would use it for the shower curtain.

Option 2 is the teal ikat wallpaper bathroom:

Art is from Kerry Steele, mirrors are from Lowes, and the shower curtain is from Target.  

So, I'm 99% sure of which option I'll choose.   Care to guess?  Or tell me which option you prefer. 

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