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ORC - Gallery Wall

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who commented and emailed me about my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint fiasco that went down last week.  Let me shed a little insight for those who want to paint a piece of pine furniture with ASCP. Apparently pine releases a substance that will bleed through any paint, and a coat of shellac (primer will not be sufficient)  should be applied to pine before you paint it.  I found this out after my 7th coat.  Did I stop and run to the hardware store and get some shellac and start all over again?  No.  I've decided to embrace the streaks for now. You'll see. 

In other happenings in my family room project, I've been giving a lot of thought to the wall of art that I have planned for the nearly 20-ft. wide wall that serves as a corridor along the north side of my family room.  There are lots of different ways to approach this type of project.  

This is probably my least favorite type of installation for a wall of art.  I get that  the concept behind all the black frames is to unify the collection, but I think it looks too contrived.  I also think that because the all of the pictures are small it looks busy.

Here's an instance where I love the matching frames, because the art displayed is actually a true collection of a single theme - the horses.  I think in this instance the grid installation shows off the art in the best possible way.

Source: google.com via Kim on Pinterest

Here's the look I'm going to try and create.   I like the scale of the art and I like that it looks like a collection that's been added to over time. None of the frames match and the only common theme shared by the art is that it appealed to the owner. 

As luck would have it (if you're a glass-half-full sort of person) my unfinished living room is directly behind the big white wall, so I'm able to use that space to lay out how I want to arrange the pieces of art I'll be using.

See the mirrors in there?  If all goes according to plan, I've done the math correctly and I hold my mouth just right, the mirrors should line up with the sliding glass doors on the opposite side of the room, increasing amount of light into the space and reflecting the view of the trees in the back yard.  If nothing else trying to get this installed should make for some colorful banter between me and the Mr. 

Now I've got to see what the over-achievers have accomplished.  

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