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ORC - Long and Narrow Family Room Layout and Design Elements

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Yet another long name for my post.  First things first - form follows function, particularly when you're working in a challenging space like my super long and super narrow family room.  

My plan?  Divide and conquer the space.  Because it's such a long room I felt it best to divide into two distinct areas.  One area is for tv viewing - and let's be honest, this is the area that sees the most action.  The second area is my little "library", and I use the term loosely because it basically consists of a table with my favorite books on it flanked by a few chairs.

As you can see, I've had my beloved Lemon Tree fabric made up into a tablecloth for my library table.  More on that later.

So,  my new sofa is what divides the space into the two separate zones.  My sofa is so new I haven't even taken delivery of it yet.  Here's a photo from the web. 
 Is it my dream sofa? It's not the sofa of my biggest, grandest dreams,  but it met size, color and price requirements (50% off because it was a custom order the vendor got wrong)  - and I liked it well enough to pull the trigger.

True to how I usually pull a room together in my own home, there will be lots of repurposed pieces that I've owned for a while and new "finds" that fit my aesthetic - which is mostly classic, but in a modern way.

Another challenge I face is this:

A very long, very white wall - with a hole in it where the 1972 cutting edge intercom system control center was.   Since this wall is, in effect, a corridor that connects the kitchen to the foyer and hallway, I'm thinking it's an excellent opportunity for ceiling to floor art.  Like this

And, finally, here's a little snapshot of how I'm hoping things will come together over the next 5 weeks.

Furniture makeovers and diys start next week.  I feel bad for my crock pot.

Let's go see what the other ladies are up to.

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