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Bullion Fringe - Is it Dead to You??

Sunday, April 21, 2013

I really want to hear your opinion on this one, even though I'm sure the majority of you will say (hell) no.  But the subject is bullion fringe, and I'm wondering if there would ever be a snowball's chance in hell that you would consider using it. Anywhere.  For anything.
OK mostly I'm wondering about using bullion fringe on furniture.   Like the fringe on the settee in this shot.  Would you ever do that?  Or even consider it as an option? 

Meg Braff in House Beautiful

I think most of us would rule out bullion fringe because it seems old fashioned and a little stuffy, but in the space above I don't think the room reads "formal" at all.  I think the seagrass rug, the fabric choices and the soft color palette help knock down the fussiness.

I don't know why this Pinterest image is so grainy, but I wanted to use it because I thought the use of bullion fringe in such a modern setting was interesting.

I love this image because all of the design elements are so traditional, but (to me), the space feels modern. And don't they all look happy with those bullion fringe trimmed sofas?

Have you figured out which way I'm leaning?  Could you ever see yourself with bullion fringe trimmed anything?

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