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Rooms without Pattern

Monday, May 20, 2013

Pattern is something I love to work with and is a great place to begin the design of a room.  

I bet you would never guess that I'm also drawn to rooms that have little or no pattern.  This room by Gerrie Bremmerman is an all time favorite room of mine.  

I realize there is subtle pattern in the weave of the rug and the detail on the console tables and mirrors, but for the most part, it's a combination of solids - and allows you to focus on the shape of each piece of furniture.

I think Myra Hoefer does patternless rooms better than anyone.  I read an article once that said the key to using only solid fabrics is to vary the sheen.  She mentioned that she loves to combine velvets and silks.  All in solid colors - and one of the colors she loves to use is yellow.  

2 images above from Myra Hoefer Design

This bedroom by Suzanne Kasler is done in blush feels so restful and calm.  Can you imagine how different it would feel if it were layered with pattern?

Where do you stand on using pattern. Love it or leave it?  Or does it depend on how, what and where?  

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