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Five Yards

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Okay, so it's really 5 1/4 yards.

  Of this business.

Pretty gorgeous, no?  I found it here in town (Associated Fabrics for you locals).  I had seen this fabric on the 50% off rack time after time thinking it would still be there if I ever decided I couldn't live without it.  But when I went in there last week the roll was noticeably thinner. 

And the print is discontinued.  So what was I to do?!?!??  This was a purchasing situation if I've ever had one. And I have. 

And so I find myself with a bit of a conundrum.  What to do with 5 yards of this fabric.  5 yards is a challenging amount.  It's too much for doing just the seat cushions for my dining room chairs. And the print is big and I don't think you could appreciate the beauty and the fabulous movement of the fabric.  


See what I mean?

And it's not enough to recover a pair of these chairs I got for my living room.

So for now, I'm thinking about making a showstopper kind of wall treatment with it.  

Maybe one enormous framed panel as a backdrop for my dining room buffet?  Something like this...

Or even two smaller framed panels flanking each side of my dining room buffet. Like this. (Insert my buffet for the french doors in the photo below)

That's the direction for this week, anyway.

Do you have any other ideas for my 5 yards of fabric?

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