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Pimp my Dollhouse - with Powell Brower at Home

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hello!!! If you tuned in on Thursday, then you already know that I'm launching a new blog series today called "Pimp My Dollhouse".  In case you missed that post, let me bring you up to speed on how it's all going to play out.

This all came about because I'm about to embark on the design of my formal living and dining rooms and I'm enlisting the help of some very talented designers and blog friends.  But before I let them run with the ball, I've given them 4 things to incorporate into the design of these rooms.

I've told all participants to keep in mind that I love color, pattern, Chinoiserie, and that I wanted the rooms to be slightly sophisticated but not stuffy. Oh, and no budget worries - just design me up some fab spaces.

Let me just say I'm still trying to pick my jaw up off the floor after seeing what these ladies have cooked up.  And I'm sure you know them.  They're the super talented design team of Nancy Powell and her daughter Bethany Brower .

See for yourselves....

Thank you, Kim for inviting Powell Brower at Home to participate in your Pimp My Dollhouse series! What a fabulous idea. I loved this challenge because #1 there was NO budget and #2 you gave us the items you wanted us to work in, all which have your great personality, style and color consciousness.   Here is my vision:

 For the living room I have chosen an antique 9 x 12 chinese art deco rug.  Once I saw that, and knew the $15,000 price tag wasn't an issue, I designed the whole room around it. Knowing how much you love color and a good mix of traditional and modern, I layered in brass light fixtures to compliment your vintage wheat coffee table, colorful  fine art, and exquisite green silk draperies.  The dual golden yellow chairs bring in more color in a cozy conversation arrangement. Your fabulous fabric is made into two custom pillows for your velvet sofa.  Here's the adjoining dining room:

Another fabulous room size vintage chinese art deco rug adorns the dining room bringing in some of the dark blue colors in your Chinoiserie fabric that we upholster on the back your dining side chairs. Blue and white porcelains compliment your Duncan Phyfe table and antique console. Contemporary art and statement accent chairs give his room a collector's touch.  A contemporary brass chandelier finishes the look.

These rugs are really the main event  in each room, and are like artwork on the floors.  It was so much fun designing the room around these.  Thank you Kim for letting our imaginations run wild! It was so much fun, I wish I could help you install this!  Now, go buy a lottery ticket!

Is everyone dying over those rugs like I am?  And that's just for starters. I love all of the gorgeous artwork, the little hits of brass, and of course the yummy color palette.  I love the idea of using my chinoiserie fabric on the backs on the dining chairs too.  So many great ideas and I know I would feel completely at home in these spaces.

Thanks so much for participating in the "Pimp My Dollhouse" series!

Make sure you come back next Monday, because the lovely and talented Tiffany Leigh is going to work her kind of magic in my living room/dining room.

Can't wait!!!

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