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Pimp My Dollhouse - With Tiffany Leigh Interior Design

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Happy Monday!  Today I have another guest designer/blogger who is participating in my "Pimp My Dollhouse" series, and I know you're going to love what Tiffany put together for me.

In case you cut class last week, let give you a quick run-down of what we're doing.

I've enlisted the advice of several talented designers/bloggers/friends to help me create a plan for the living room and dining room at my place aka Project Dollhouse.  

The items I want to incorporate into the design of these rooms are shown below.  All participants have been told that the sky's the limit as far as the budget is concerned (as if).!! The spaces should be sophisticated, colorful and have a trad/mod mix. And they also know that I love pattern and some Chinoiserie. 

Got it?  Good, because today I'm thrilled to have the lovely and talented Tiffany Leigh in the house!  I love following Tiffany's blog and seeing her design school projects and progress.  She is a seriously talented young lady and I'm so happy she's helping me out here at the Dollhouse.

Hello to all of Kim's stylish readers! This is Tiffany of Tiffany Leigh Interior Design and I am so excited to be here today helping to Pimp out Kim's living room and dining room. One of the biggest challenges a designer can face is incorporating a client's existing furniture into a design. Obviously with Kim this was no issue, since she has absolutely fabulous taste. It was so much fun!

My biggest inspiration for the design was the fabric Kim gave us to work with, which set the stage for my color palette of teal, olive green, and a hint of red and pinks. I loved the fabric so much that I decided to frame some of it over the couch as a graphic piece of art!
When I saw Nancy and Bethany's contribution to this series last week, I couldn't help but smile when I saw that they too had selected an art deco chinese rug for the space! Great minds do think alike, afterall. I considered switching up my design for a brief moment, but then I realized that it must be a sign Kim ;) - You need one of these! The rug I chose really compliments the art and adds some brightness to the room. Set off by classic elements like the herringbone hardwood floor, it really pops!
In the dining room, I went more traditional to compliment Kim's gorgeous existing table. I added some personality (and chinoiserie - Kim's fave) with the chippendale chairs, ginger jars and fab pagoda lantern.  The silk drapes amp up the formality in this space and tie in the color of the velvet sofa in the adjoining living room. The seating in the dining room - from the teal chairs with the same great fabric on the seats, to the leopard x-benches - also compliment the living room. I always love a little leopard in any room, as it works as a neutral while adding an additional pattern. Actually some may say I'm a bit leopard obsessed at the moment! Too add a little more fun to this space, I've dressed the antique sideboard as a glamorous bar - Bring on the Party!

Thanks Kim for inviting me to this series! I had a blast putting all of your elements into a new space and seeing that using many of the same elements as other designers can result in a very different feeling space. I can't wait to see how it actually turns out in real life!

Okay, did she nail my style?  Chinese Chippendale dining chairs, the Chinese Deco rug AND some leopard pillows and x-benches?  Completely lovely!  I also need to know where those black armchairs can be found?!?  

Tiffany, thank you for participating and for creating such a beautiful plan for my home!!!

What do you like best about Tiffany's design?

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