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Pimp My Dollhouse with Little Black Door

Monday, September 9, 2013

Welcome to the latest installment of the Pimp my Dollhouse series.  You know the one.  It's where I've challenged a few of my favorite bloggers/designers/friends to come up with a plan for my formalish living room and dining room. Here's the catch.  They have to incorporate a few pieces I already own into the design.  Specifically, the items pictured below.

Participants have no budget limitations (!)  and they know how much I love color, pattern, and Chinoiserie.  

Today I'm excited to welcome the incredibly capable and talented Elizabeth from Little Black Door.  If you've checked in on her blog, and I'm sure you have/do, you know that she can rock a makeover and any kind of DIY you can throw at her. 

Here's Elizabeth:

As for the boards - in the living room  - that yummy green velvet sofa of yours just screams library to me so I went for it. Dark, moody blue bookcases filled with books and great accessories and some brass sconces for easy reading. I like to find the smallest color in a fabric and pull that out. So in your lovely floral fabric I pulled out the yellow and pink. You know I must have some pink.

- in the dining room - dining rooms are most often used at night, so I say embrace the darkness and go dark. The toile wallpaper is crazy good and is set off by the white and blue sideboards and your beautiful dining table. The chairs tie into the color of the sideboard and the accents are set off by that great pink rug.

Can we just take a moment to discuss how much I love the touches of raspberry?  And that wallpaper in the dining room is pretty spectacular! Not sure if I love that more or the blue painted book cases.

What do you think? Are you loving Elizabeth's vibrant plan as much as I do?

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