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Top 5 Items for Styling (that you already have)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

And so yet another week of way way way below normal temps are expected around here for the majority of this week.  And that means lots of time spent indoors. And that means lots of opportunity to really study your decor and maybe start to think you want to change things up a bit.  This happens to you, I'm sure!  And maybe you don't want to go out and buy a bunch of new stuff to get a new look at home.  Not to worry!  Here are my top 5 items that you already own that you can use to freshen up your place.

1. Bottles.  I love to decorate with bottles.  See photo of my kitchen below.

Would you believe there are 4 bottles in just this photo?  Limoncello bottle on bottom shelf, small blue bottle on middle shelf, blue wine bottle on windowsill, and wine bottle behind fruit on countertop. More bottles have been added since this photo too.

Wine bottles also make good vases

and candleholders

2.  Books.  We all have them.  They're great for adding texture and for propping things upon.

In my kitchen I used a small collection of cookbooks to style my kitchen counter (and more bottles if you look to the far left in this photo).

In the photo above, I used books to add some height and texture to my bust planter.

And I used a collection of books to style my skirted table.

3.  Candlesticks.  I like a mismatched set placed in front of a mirror for maximum impact.

Image above from Pinterest

4.  Bowls.  Of something.  It helps if its a cute bowl and you put something cool in it.

Image from Pinterest

Like a bowl of photographs or a big bowl of sea shells.

5.  Mirrors.  I love them and I'm always looking for ways to work in another mirror.  Layering is the answer.  Behold.

3 images above found on Pinterest

And there you have it!  What's your go-to styling item that you like to use?

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