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Thinking Ahead for The One Room Challenge

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Are you planning to link up to Linda's next One Room Challenge event?  It kicks off on April 3, and for 6 consecutive Thursdays the blogosphere with be up to its elbows in progress reports and DIY victories.  If you didn't get a chance to participate in the last ORC Link party, I highly recommend it.  Participating in The One Room Challenge is truly the most exhilarating, stressful, and exciting things I've done since I started blogging.

If you check in on my blog from time to time then you already know that my house (aka Project Dollhouse) is a work in progress.  We're doing mostly cosmetic changes, but even these types of projects can be costly and time consuming.   I have to admit that the One Room Challenge has been instrumental in bringing a few of my rooms to completion.

In the first ORC I made over my family room.

And in the second One Room Challenge I made over my sweet little kitchen:

So what do I have my sights set on for this round of the ORC?  My living room and dining room. They're open to each other and so this ORC will be a 2-fer.

This shot was taken before we even moved in.  We are still enjoying those plywood sub floors only now this space is cluttered with moving boxes filled with all the stuff that goes into these rooms once they get done. It's the perfect candidate for an ORC intervention.

And here's a teeny tiny sneak peak. There will be blue walls.  Don't hate because I painted.  Look at the plywood sub floors.  There is plenty left to do to bring this project to completion.

So who's with me?  Will you be linking up for the next One Room Challenge?  It will be upon us sooner than you think!!

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