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One Room Challenge - The Current State of Things and the Direction

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Welcome to this week's drama installment of The One Room Challenge.  If you're new to this thing called the Internet then here's the story.  Linda came up with the idea to have a group of bloggers participate in an online room makeover one week at a time for 6 consecutive Wednesdays and Thursdays sharing our progress (or lack thereof) each week and culminating in a big reveal on the last installment.  I'm tired just thinking about it.

My chosen room is my living room/dining room combo at my own little abode known as Project Dollhouse.  I'm happy to report that some progress has been made on some major design elements. Like the floor. We have one now.

And paint on the walls.  Want to know what color it is?  If only I knew.  I originally painted it Benjamin Moore's Symphony Blue (after I painted 1 coat of Farrow & Ball's Brinjal) and it was a little too intense.  Like being trapped in an oil painting.  So I added a little of this and a little of that of the leftover paint I had and this is what I got. I would describe it as navy teal, or marine blue.  It's darker than it appears in these images, as is the floor.

I also pulled the Craigslist green velvet sofa out of storage so here's a gander at that.

Classic tuxedo with brass nailheads.  The craigslist gods were smiling on me that day.  My iphone photos do not accurately capture the brilliance that is this sofa.

So, where am I going from here?  In the end I'd like to have a space that feels collected, colorful, layered, and mostly classic with a sense of age - but still feels like right now.

Some rooms that are inspiring me:

Are you still with me?  

The obligatory mood boards:

I created these mood boards months ago so naturally a few things have changed. Or more than a few things.  But I think overall it will have the same feel and color palette.

Makeovers start next week - sneak peeks on my Instagram.  Follow me!

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