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Mixing Animal Prints - Yes or No

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I think we can all agree that in most cases, a little animal print thrown into the mix is a good thing. I've shared my love of animal prints here and here.   My animal print du jour happens to be leopard

but I love a good zebra print too!

What I'm wondering is how far you would be willing to push it?  Would you consider using more than one animal print in your room, or do you think that exceeds the limits of good taste?  Here's some food for thought, in picture form.
Jamie Drake's bedroom as seen in Elle Decor.
See that leopard rug layered on top of the zebra hide which is under the zebra bedskirt and headboard?  

Here Miles Redd mixes a leopard carpet with tiger pillows and layers on a fur throw.  But Miles has a way of pushing  things in a way that no one else can.

Image from Sadie and Stella
Antelope rug, leopard bench and fur pillow.  Too much for you?
Even with the zebra chair and leopard pillows together, I think this works because everything else is pretty quiet. 

Where do you stand on mixing animal prints?  One per room, or layer them on?

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