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One Room Challenge - the Befores/Challenges/Direction

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

That's a long title for a post, isn't it?  Anyway, let's get the "befores" out of the way.  They're completely underwhelming but hopefully when I finish up and the room is complete it will make the "afters" more dramatic.

The challenges are many.

1. As you can see, it starts with an empty canvas.  And  I mean really empty, because there's nothing of architectural interest in the room.  No beautiful moldings, no book cases - not even a fireplace.  And yes, that's circa 1972 faux wood paneling that's been painted a lovely shade of peanut butter.

2. The room is shaped like a bowling alley.  It's twice as long as it is wide.  Now factor in this: the entire north side of the room can't be utilized (for furniture)  because it serves as a walkway that connects the kitchen to the foyer.  Also, my basement door is along said north wall. That means I have about 10' of usable width to place furniture.

You're getting the bowling alley effect now, right?  This  shot was taken at the opposite end of the room, showing the entrance to the kitchen and the inherited light fixtures.  Pretty!

I could go on but I think you get the scope of the task at hand. Now for the inspiration:

I want the room to feel fresh and mostly classic.

and even a little sophisticated

with lots of black & white (+ gold) - so it's a little mod, too!

And I love to build a room around a beautiful fabric.  Here's where I'm starting. This is Greef/Schumacher's "Lemon Tree", which I discovered at a small fabric store near my mom's house in Atlanta.  I had never seen it before and haven't seen it since - but I'm so happy we found each other. 

I'm dying to see what everyone else is doing, aren't you? Here are the links - be on your way!

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