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Art in the Kitchen

Sunday, October 20, 2013

As I make my way through my kitchen makeover as part of One Room Challenge,  I'm giving some thought to how I can bring some personality and interest into my small, featureless kitchen.  One thing I'd like to explore is bringing some art in my kitchen.  If you recall, I have a rather large, blank wall at one end of my kitchen where the dining table and chairs are placed.

My wall is crying out for help.

But what do you think is the best scenario in this situation?  

I love the idea of a large, single piece of art, maybe even a big portrait.

I love everything in this kitchen.

I think the portraits lend an air of sophistication to these kitchens.  

But how about something whimsical?  

or dramatic, like below

Botanical prints are also something I would consider

Or even a colorful abstract..

So I 'd love to hear what you think .  Do you like to use art in the kitchen, and what do you think the best option is for my blank wall???

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